Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pervert cat

maybe it's the legs, but i never intended the cat to look so... pervy XD

Cat cat catty cat cat cat

Keep warm kitty!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Silly concepts galore

A hypothetical letter to Jeff Koons, seriously I would love a LOLCat statue XD

As you have probably noticed by now, I have a tentendy to draw what I call 'slats', a creature that is a combination between a cat and slug, hence slat.

Tell me what you think!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yet again inspired by LOLCATS

I was at a wedding in Brisbane, and then it dawned on me, instead of flower bouquets, why not use cats? I guess conceptually it's appealing, but practically speaking I don't think cats like having flowers embedded in their fur.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Long time no post!

Let me start this site again with a tribute to LOLcat XD

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm sorry but this is just hilarious

(Pic not related. I mean, it's a kitteh staring at you disapprovingly.)


Good old wiki, I was wiki-ing and came across the quote Women and Children First.

So we all know the quote, and it was a brief entry, but honestly, how can you NOT laugh at this after you read this part:

"The practice arose from the chivalrous actions of soldiers during sinking of HMS Birkenhead in 1852, though the phrase itself was not coined until 1860.[1] Although never part of international maritime law, the phrase was popularized in its usage on the RMS Titanic,[2] where, as a consequence of this practice, 74% of women on board were saved, 52% of children - but only 20% of men.[3]

Unfortunately, some officers on the Titanic misinterpreted this order from Captain Smith to actually prevent men from boarding lifeboats. It was intended that women and children would board first, and any remaining free spaces would then be allocated to men."

I'm sorry, to any body who may be related to the survivors and non-survivors of the Titanic but still, come, on.


That's my laugh for the day XD

Mean while, have a hardly-shopped kitteh looking at you disapprovingly, 'cause cats can not like people 'cause they're cats XD no matter how much shaved ham you give them, though, technically, too much salt is bad for cats so yeah, ham should only be for ultra special treats.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Night night puddies

I should be off to bed now too, gotta pick up a friend so we can go picnicking.


Night night puddies.

Friday, February 27, 2009

More more glowy cats with some parenting loving to give~~

Maybe they can give you some loving too~~~

6 Random Things About Moi

As tagged by Awesome Sara, she made me lucky number 7!

So, without further ado, I shall deliver the random tendencies of moi without even more further delay~~~~

1. I'm a big fan of the series The Sopranos, I watched from Season 1 to 5 with each episode at least 10 times, I'm not kidding. When I save up enough money I will buy Season 6 and 7 and watch it aaaaaaaaaaall over again XD.

2. I love cooking, though very limited oven-wise, cooking is what preserves what little sanity I have. My latest ventures have been chowder, chowder and nothing but chowder! Believe me they look like vomit but man they taste good! Unfortunately when I served my friends my home made chowder, they had one dish, and one of them commented 'somebody please roll me out of this room 'cause I can't move', so, will need to work on making chowders that are tasty but not rich enough to the extent it gives people the itis :P

3. I always like the bad boys from every fiction-based entertainment, as shown below:

Dragon Ball Z - Vegeta (if you like Goku/Gohan/Krillin then outta mah face!)

The Sopranos - Tony Soprano, Anthony Junior Soprano and Christopher Moltisanti (would love to slap all of them upside the heads though)

Batman The Animated Series - The Joker and Harley (also affectionately known as Mr. J!)

Hokage Ninja Naruto - Possibly one of the very few series when I actually like the MAIN character, heheheehhehhe! Possibly because he and I both love food, ramen included!

4. LOLCat and Stuffonmycat are two sites that are salvations to my cyber soul, with the underlying disturbing concept of further objectifying cats, that said, any composition with cats with me either type-wise or compo-wise, with a bit of digi snappy happy action in this technological age, I'd say for the win. p.s. my boyfriend's cat hates me.

5. My top 10 food in non-ethnic n non-favouritism nor numerical order:

10. ramen (has to be GOOD ramen, not wannabes!)
9. pork katsudon
8. Shin Ramen (mmmmmmmm Korean goodness~~)
7. chicken soup with noodles (or rice), done in my family's way.
6. beef noodle soup with noodles, the Taiwanese way, no others!
5. Japanese curry
4. tuna fried rice (has to be short grained!)
3. chowder
1. salami salami~~~ (except Verona and Danish, one day I wanna know what coppolla tastes like)

6. I have varied taste in music, the good (The Godfather soundtrack), the bad (Ok not so bad, I like to dance to Britney every now and then) and CARAMELLDANSEN!!!!!!! Yes, you got it right, the evil.

So that's all about me for today, and yes, that's yet another glowing kittehs on the top.

Have fun people~~~

Long time no update

Sorry guys, long story short I've been hit with the unemployment blues lately, but I'm feeling better now, since the UB can be very contagious and morale corrupting, I didn't want to affect the happy bloggers that come visit me, and if you've been coming back to see if I've been updating then I'm sorry it's been delayed, but now I'm churning out some new artworks so stay tuned! Lens Flare and Gaussian Blur for the win!

Have some glowing kittehs!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Meow meow meow what Kirby!?

In case you're wondering what's this Kirby doing here, it's to let you know, yes I have been scanning and editing cat pics but there's something I've always wanted to try, and as I have demonstrated with this kirby plushie beside me, I want to post BORDERLESS KITTEHHHHHHHHHHHHSS!!!

So yeah, stay tuned, mean while, check out my updated Evo-Lyn, p#mped it up with a new header too XD.

Yayness borderless whoop whoopity whoop whoop.

ps I learned how to do the borderless thing here, be reminded that for some reason, Photoshop prefers you go over the bg with a brush even if it was a clear cutting job well done, and when you save the image, save it as gif., remember to HIDE the original background or it would not work.

Happy experimenting!

Oooh, and one last thing, when I found this Kirby, I couldn't help myself, it was soooo Photoshopping-friendly, so round and plushy, sooooooo perfect for clear cutting XD

I'm off!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crouching kitteh.

Authoritah-imposing kitteh
telling crouching kitteh to take
a hike.

And all this kitteh wants to do is sleep.

Kitties in a basket yo.

What's this? Another kitteh by my side?

Sleepeh kittehs everywhere.

Including below this line of words.

Kitteh fur ballies.

Where my other bloggie at?

As said from above.

Two puddies eating ramen.

The end.

Kitteh on mah left n right

Kitties here.

Kitties there.

Kitties on my left and right.

Yes, I know, I suck at rhymes.

But here you go, kittehs on my left and right.

And yes, I'm abusing what bloggie has got to offer, and it's only the beginning.

First post!

If this is your first time here, this is where you can find drawings of delightful kitties that came from my creation, I drew them, scanned them and rendered them to awesomeness

If you liked what you saw, feel free to check out my other art blog Evo-Lyn.

This is a specific place where the kitties roam, I hope you enjoy your visit and come back if it tickles your visuals fancy, however, please let it be known that these works are owned by me, therefore I would appreciate the decency of NOOOOOOOOOO STEAAAAAAAALIIIIIIIIES!


Sweet, enjoy!

If you likies bookmarkies~~